The websites of the Network that serve as our hubs do not compete with any others. Instead, they are designed to add to the cause of economic development globally by increasing the exposure of other websites that contribute to business and industrial expansion. We are delighted to provide reciprocal links here to such websites that are not otherwise listed because they reprsent economic development organizations or communities or services providers, such as financial institutions, energy suppliers, construction firms, site location and real estate consultants, worker training programs, etc.



Use this directory to maneuver within the Network. File folders  shown (hotlinks) below represent hubsites (different websites).

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Site Location
> location, location, location
> contains a FREE Starter Kit

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Find Me
> the Site Location Assistance
> Search Engine on the Web

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> lists of valuable contacts
> lists of worldwide city-regions
> site selection services network
featuring ...
> associations
> networking events
> publications
> 20 categories of services

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For personal assistance, click on  this hotlinked thumbnail image of the dynamic business card for the Network's founder and developer.

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EZ Network Map
Our sitemap. Use it to maneuver easily from hubsite to hubsite or to their key pages throughout the Network.

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